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Whether you want security or savings in cash or to reduce carbon based power consumption we will make your renewable energy choices eminently clear. Sign the Petition To Create A Fair Playing Field For Solar Power In Alberta.
Solar Wind Depot takes great strides to maintain relations with suppliers and customers delivering pride & solar solutions.
Our Off Grid Kits can be tailored to fit any off grid applications. Also available Light Towers and portable Micro Generating Stations made by us.
A system allows you to feed the grid and reverse your meter, saving you money, ask an expert today, start earning green.

We will discover with you by audit, your best balanced production design, creating guidelines for your project requirements maximizing consumption while feeding the grid for income..  Services Standards Leaders To make a booking,

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It starts with an audit!

With cyclical weather, storms, drought and interrupted electric power supply some folks just want to install a UPS or back-up generator and we want to show folks how easy it is. 

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Uninterrupted Power Supply and Generation

Solar Wind Depot Ltd. and Solarscopic℠ Services can match any retailer or wholesaler price on software and hardware and have the experience to complete any job on time and on budget, guaranteed. Fiction free renewable distributed energy solutions.Enerscope


It starts with an audit, to produce the plan, forming the policies, mitigating the risk, while forecasting reasonably. We help you design, finance, build and maintain your mission critical power generation and grid tie for profit.

Solar Patents & Consulting

Small or large sized projects benefit from design, build and finance metrics we can help you with. What are your project specifications and design balances?

Distributed Green Energy

We service and sell solar products, and distributed green energy solutions at the best price possible for our clients. We support all our products with full leading warranty, leading services standards & procedural knowledge.



Solar Wind Depot currently holds six patents that substantially reduce the installation costs of solar energy equipment. Solar Wind Depot has designed an energy efficient staged generator light tower that uses solar and wind.

Manufacturer of Complete High Efficiency Distributed Green Energy Systems
For remote power and lighting,
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Buy our green power for your home or business!


99.9% Green Energy from solar and wind you may now subscribe. Power you may buy creating gains for your company or your lifestyle. Some folks or businesses may not be able to install solar or wind for their use, local regulations or cash flow might be the cause, we can help. Ask us how!

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