5 kW Complete PV System

20 Panels 315w
3-5K(6) Grid Tie
1 Wire Kit


A complete system with complete specifications and installation instructions. 5 kW system will produce 6kW at peak performance. Ask us more?  An average house requires 15kW or three kits and we will include an extra SSAL INSTKIT and an extra Wire Kit (will produce 18kW at peak out-put).  All systems come with easy instructions and we can help. Check our 20 kW system for more power.

Best of the Season 2016 – 2017

points of light around the world you are solar wind depot

Powering The Knowing And The Sharing

We wish you all so very much, all the knowing and sharing powering all we do! We wish you all time and grace with all the company you grave in favor. 

Points of light around the globe you are. 

Power Up in this time of reflection and renewal, enjoy the days and as they change change with them. Name the days for what they will mean for you, name the days for what action you'll take within them, and name all the days for what you really do expect to get out of them! 

We wish you well and all the very best. If you need anything at all just ask. We enjoy the challenge and freely answer all solar queries. 

However you enjoy it, be well and be found in the company of your favors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ~BOD