Alberta Petition for Regulations and Fair Play Solar


Stop using our money to pay industries bills in all respect.

Listen to the Discussion Here on AM 770 Radio Podcast with the well thought deep questioning of Darwin Wandler of Solar Wind Depot Ltd. by Danielle Smith

Just click to jump forward to 22:26 in the graph of the podcast offered below; to listen to the arguments for change and support us by sharing and spreading the word to all Albertans and your local and provincial and federal representatives.


Please help us get the Alberta Government to stop charging all Albertans unfairly, to give people relief from paying these following displaced fees;
*Electrical Distribution
*Electrical Transmission
*Electrical Balancing Pool Administration
*Electrical Rate Rider
**Charged as a fee separate from cost of electricity.

No other place in Canada, USA or the world uses this charge method.
It is structured this way so INDUSTRY pays NO TRANSMISSION FEES

***You pay all the costs for industry.

In Saskatchewan you pay $9.95/mo and in BC you pay $14.95/mo to be connected to the electrical grid.
They pay the true cost of electricity based on consumption, charged per watt by how much they actually use.

You're paying for an electrical grid that the power generator companies and industry are making a huge profit from, and paying to a few shareholders, all of that profit.
While, industry is getting a free ride on your back. Why if we pay all cost don't we get a share in this schema, or what we want, which is a fair, open and transparent deal for this necessity of life, for the real citizens of Alberta?

THIS IS NOT CAPITALISM OR A FREE MARKET. YOU pay all the costs so industry can make all the money. It is NOT FAIR.

Please sign up on our site so we can send a petition to Rachel Notley to stop using our money to pay industries bills.

We are asking that all the above fees be added to the Kilowatt fees everybody uses, divided by the total Kilowatts used for a TRUE charge for the electricity you consumed each month.

Please Join Us By Filling Out Our Petition for Change
Change Energy Distribution Policy
Your bill minus all the charges listed top of this page!

Check out our latest interview with Danielle Smith below. March 1, 2017 With Darwin Wandler of Solar Wind Depot Ltd. speaks at about the 39 min mark ...enjoy!


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