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Solar Wind Depot Ltd.
A qualified firm to design, finance, supply and install a complete, high-profile, efficient, off-grid or grid-tied, photo-voltaic electric system.
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enhancing minimization of energy and water consumption across the communities, SWD offers consultation reducing any communities’s ecological footprint.


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protection is a key focus area of Corporate policy-making, intended to protect and preserve resources by maintaining and enhancing ecological integrity everywhere, in a balanced sustainable intelligent way.


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Solar Wind Depot demonstrates an environmental role model for communities around the world.
Fiction free renewable distributed energy solutions.

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"What I love about SWD is that the consultants are not afraid to direct the plan sensibly towards the goals and show us the real way. This is refreshing to see such confidence and demonstrations of knowing."
M. Shane David
“The consultations were everything I hoped for, and more. SWD really made a difference, I would have never discovered the data, the regulations and methods which proved our system design"
Phil Sarozek

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